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From day one, we’ve been out to prove that being in business can co-exist with doing good.

Our purpose is to ‘make all moments matter’ – that’s bringing concepts into the physical space while also ensuring we create meaningful work.

We decided to rewrite the rules of business by building a company focused on doing great work for good. Since launching, we’ve partnered with some of the best clients in the country to deliver unforgettable live experiences. From 10,000-person lunches to Winter festivals and life-changing conferences – we deliver events that are anything but usual.

We're proud "Pledge 1%" Members; at least 1% of our company profit and time will always be donated to a good cause.

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Founder & Director

Shani Langi

Shani is an entrepreneurial powerhouse who has a balanced sense for creativity, business and people.

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Project Director

Sammy Lowndes

Sammy is a meticulous planner who works across a broad range of client industries and oversees production from start to finish. 

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Project Manager

Elesha Santos

Elesha is an expert with over a decade of experience in events, sales, and brand-centric live experiences.

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Project Coordinator

Francesca Fabbro

Francesca is a multi-talented coordinator who has experience in international and local events. 

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Founder & Director

Sharice Bellantonio

Sharice is a formidable executive producer with a natural talent for whipping any event into shape.

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Event Producer 

Emma Kukarin

Emma is an seasoned producer who has managed large-scale and intimate events for many of the world's most recognised luxury brands.  

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Marketing Manager

Hannah Baillie

Hannah is a dedicated marketing  professional, passionate about combining creativity with strategy.

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Project Coordinator

Lynn Jiang

Lynn, our dedicated Project Coordinator, excels in project management and brings a focused work ethic to our team.

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