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Event FOMO: Reliving Our Most Unforgettable Moments

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

In the wild world of event planning, we've been lucky enough to host some seriously epic get-togethers in 2023 that still give us a bit of Event FOMO, even after the confetti has settled.

Our Clients: The Real MVPs Behind the Scenes

We love working with our awesome clients who entrust us to bring their brands to life by creating moments that really mean something. Each collaboration brings a unique flavour, turning ideas into realities and events into unforgettable experiences.

Women sitting around a table watching an LED screen
International Women's Day

Event Builds and LED Screens: Where the Wow Begins

Picture this: weeks of planning, with our expected crowd excitedly buzzing. The long hours of the bump-in as slowly but surely, the event comes to life. As the lights dim, attendees witness a pure visual magic spectacle. It's the kind of wow factor that lingers in your mind long after the event wraps up.

Three LED Screens and a stage
Unltd Big Dream Melbourne

Charity Splash: Making a Difference

It's not only about the glitz, in fact when we started our business we committed to creating impactful experiences that mattered. We regularly have honour of throwing events that double as fundraisers for very important causes. In October, we produced two such events and, in a single night, raised over $1.3 million for young people in need. Across 2023, our events have raised almost $2 million.

Man standing in front of LED Screen
Guzman y Gomez Misión Posible 2023 raised over $700k!

Sensory Extravaganza: Tasting Victory

We're about creating momentous experiences, full-blown sensory explosions. From mouth-watering aromas wafting from catered canapés to mind-bending light displays, every event is a feast for the senses.

White Dinner Plate with food
Our Fresh Life 2023 Welcome Dinner was all over Instagram

Interactive Bliss with Photo Walls and Social Media Shenanigans

Our events are never one-way streets. In fact, we always crank up the interaction. We craft Instagram-worthy photo walls and activations, encouraging our attendees to share the love on social media and turning the event into a viral sensation.

The Fresh Life leaf wall
Our Interactive Prize Wheel at ADMA Global Forum 2023

Behind-the-Scenes Magic: Where the Action Is

While the main stage basks in the spotlight, it's crucial not to overlook the unsung heroes – our crew. Our core suppliers have been on the journey with us for years, and these legends know how to work their magic, ensuring every stage set is gorgeous, every lighting cue is hit, and every cocktail is delicious. This secret sauce turns an event from good to downright unforgettable.

Two background staff members at an tech desk
From set build crew to sound techs, our team works tirelessly behind the scenes

The Afterglow: Where Connections Take Centre Stage

Beyond the confetti and cheers, the sense connection created at events is one of our favourite parts of job. Our events aren't just about the people in the room, but more importantly, about the impact we can create. Every event is geared towards creating great outcomes for our clients, and memorable experiences for our guests.

Usual Suspects Team Photo
Our team at a Coachella-themed afterparty

As we take a trip down memory lane, the Event FOMO isn't about what you may have missed; it's about relishing the crazy, unexpected, and downright awesome moments that make each event a chapter in our story. Here's to more unforgettable experiences, shared laughs, and toasting enduring memories that stand the test of time.


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