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TikTok Incubator Retreat

In partnership with TikTok, we orchestrated an electrifying event celebrating Australia's top 100 TikTok Growth retail and e-commerce brands. Our mission was to empower TikTok's community through an immersive experience that ignites inspiration and fosters invaluable connections.

Nestled in Noosa's vibrant backdrop, our curated workshops led by industry luminaries and TikTok icons like Ted Shelton and Anny Havercroft unveiled the secrets to thriving on TikTok's e-commerce platform.

Every moment radiated exclusivity and excitement, perfectly aligned with TikTok's spirited identity. Attendees left not only inspired but deeply connected within TikTok's thriving ecosystem.

A highlight of the event was Nedd Brockmann's remarkable presence. Known for his awe-inspiring journey, running across Australia for charity and documenting it on TikTok, he brought a unique and impactful perspective, captivating the audience


TikTok Australia


Noosa, QLD

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